Museum GrandTour The more extended museum’s network of Lazio.

The “Museum System of the Castelli Romani e Prenestini” is a local cultural network of Lazio that include 125 sites among archaeological, historic-artistic, demoetnoantropologic and scientific museums, based in monumental halls and ancient palaces, embellished by precious furniture and decorations which add even more value to the visit.

Let’s discover the Civic Museums of Alatri and of Lanuvio, the Tuscolano Museum of the Aldobrandini Stables, the Archeaological and Cultural Park of Tuscolo, the Barco Borghese of Monte Porzio Catone; but also, the Civic Museum of Roger Lambrecht and the Municipal Museum of the Toleriense territory. Come to discover the history of the Earth in the Geophysical Museum of Rocca di Papa, through exhibitions, playful machines, scientific instruments and documents which tells about the volcanic geological evolution of the Albani hills.

Either you are expert or simply curious, take a tour at the Museum of Roman Ships of Nemi, to see the ruins of the ships of the Emperor Caligula, to the widespread Museum of wine at Monte Porzio Catone, to know how this famous drink is produced.

In Zagarolo there is the Toy Museum, to satisfy even the curiosity of the children, with concerts, biketours on the route of Enea, or playing as a potter for a day.

The Museum GrandTour awaits you in Lazio with guided tours and the help of technical supports, with an eclectic and multidisciplinary cultural offer not to be missed.

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