Circolo del Golf di Roma Acquasanta CAMPO 18 BUCHE, Via Appia Nuova, 716/A

The Rome Acquasanta Golf Club is one of the oldest and most prestigious in Italy: in fact the first document attesting the existence of the "Rome Golf Club" is dated 12 January 1903.

The Acquasanta is considered in all respects the oldest golf club in Italy; the course, in the Appia Antica Park, is truly spectacular and unique, limited by the arches of the Claudian Aqueduct, by the Mausoleum of Cecilia Metella and with the foreshortening, on the horizon, of the Dome of St. Peter. The Club House is welcoming and at the same time elegant, with a decidedly british atmosphere. The restaurant, the outdoor swimming pool amplify the charm of this Club rightly considered the most famous in Italy.

Services: golf cart € 60 - trolley € 5 - electric trolley € 20 - golf club set € 20 - golf club set PREMIUM € 30

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